Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Dubai Launches AI-Powered Pedestrian Crossings

Dubai has launched 14 AI-powered pedestrian crossings to increase road safety. These crossings in Dubai Silicon Oasis use AI to activate warning signs and traffic signals for vehicles as pedestrians and cyclists cross. The initiative, done in partnership with AI traffic tech developer Derq, aligns with Dubai’s smart city goals. The Real-Time Perception and Connectivity AI Platform underwent two years of testing before implementation.

Georges Auoude, co-founder of Derq, noted the project’s fit with Dubai’s cyclist-friendly aims. Muammar Al Katheeri, from Dubai Integrated Economic Zones Authority, highlighted progress in pedestrian safety through the Derq partnership.

The AI system at these crossings detects vehicles and tracks them, giving drivers time to slow down. Alerts and durations are customizable, active for a set crossing time or until pedestrians leave.

Equipped with high-speed 5G, the platform gathers traffic data and operates remotely.

For road safety, UAE launched Salamah 365, a project to address accidents, floods, and pedestrian safety. Interactive warnings will be on accident-prone routes, with dam and valley flood monitoring.

Abu Dhabi Police introduced solar-powered road alerts, using colored lights visible 200 meters away. Blue and red lights signal incidents, while yellow indicates bad weather. Alerts, solar-powered and visible day and night, enhance safety.

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