Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Dubai Police to Distribute 11,000 Free Iftar Meals to Labourers in Ramadan

Dubai Police and Talabat-UAE have partnered to distribute 11,000 Iftar meals to labourers during the holy month of Ramadan. The initiative is part of Dubai Police’s ‘Ramadan Al Khair’ campaign, which aims to promote safety and security among the labourers while fostering values of compassion, interdependence, and solidarity. The meals will be distributed at several locations across the city, ensuring that the labourers receive a nutritious meal to break their fast during Ramadan. The workshops are conducted in Urdu and Hindi to enhance communication channels and establish trust between the police and workers.

Butti Ahmed bin Darwish AI Falasi, director of the Security Awareness Department at the Dubai Police’s General Department of Community Happiness, said that this campaign is an opportunity to spread awareness of safety and security among labourers. Lt Salma Al Marri, the general coordinator of the campaign, stated that 74 volunteers have already come forward to assist the police, clocking 66 hours in the process. The drive is part of Dubai Police’s efforts to promote community welfare and reach out to the underprivileged during Ramadan.

This initiative to distribute Iftar meals is a significant effort to support the labourer community in Dubai, which plays a vital role in the city’s development. The distribution of traditional Ramadan dishes and drinks will provide a sense of community and belonging during the holy month. The Dubai Police have always been active in supporting and empowering the labourer community in the city. Such efforts foster a spirit of inclusivity, compassion, and interdependence, which is crucial for building a strong and cohesive community.

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