Sunday, October 1, 2023

Dubai-Resident Abdellah Zejli Launches Educational Islamic Toy Line ‘Muslim Blocks’

Abdellah Zejli, a creative person from Dubai, has made something really special called Muslim Blocks. These are special building blocks that help kids learn about Islam while having fun. Zejli’s idea is different and exciting, and people all over the world are noticing it since it started on July 1.

Zejli wanted to make kids and families happy, so he came up with Muslim Blocks. He saw that there weren’t many good toys that teach about Islam in a fun way. So, he decided to make a new kind of toy that would help kids learn and also bring families closer by playing together.

“At Muslim Blocks, we believe that you can learn while playing,” says Zejli. “Our building blocks are made carefully. They let kids and families learn about Islamic culture, history, and buildings while playing. Our goal is to mix fun and learning, so every time you play with our blocks, it becomes a special memory.”

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