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Dubai to India Flights in Just 309 Dirhams

Flights from Dubai to India are now easy to access and due to the Eid festival, it has gone cheaper.

Airfares to India have dropped significantly. A month ago, the cost of tickets for the same flight was twice or treble what it is now

KT reader Fahim Amar reports that on April 17, the cost of a round-trip ticket from Dubai to Mangalore was around Dh950. On MakeMyTrip.com, a ticket for the same flight now costs roughly Dh386

Athar Hafizka regrets purchasing his ticket to Mangalore early because he spent almost thrice the amount. “I thought that as the trip got closer, airfare would soar. Thus, on March 2, I purchased the ticket well in advance. But now I notice the cost has dropped by about a third to get me there,” remarked Athar.

Prices of various destinations on air ticketing websites for direct flights on April 17 to April 20.


  • Dubai to Mumbai starts at Dh480
  • Dubai to Bangalore starts at Dh760
  • Dubai to Delhi starts at Dh560
  • Dubai to Chennai starts at Dh610
  • Dubai to Hyderabad starts at Dh610

Make my trip:

  • RAK to Mumbai starts at Dh309
  • Dubai to Mangalore starts at Dh386
  • Dubai to Mumbai starts at Dh319
  • Dubai to Bangalore starts at Dh647
  • Dubai to Delhi starts at Dh414
  • Abu Dhabi to Chennai starts at Dh362
  • Dubai to Hyderabad starts at Dh404


  • Ras Al Khaimah to Mumbai starts at Dh325
  • Sharjah to Mumbai starts at Dh330
  • Dubai to Kochi starts at Dh440
  • Dubai to Calicut starts at Dh621
  • Sharjah to Delhi starts at Dh425
  • Abu Dhabi to Delhi starts at Dh449
  • Abu Dhabi to Chennai starts at Dh378
  • Sharjah to Chennai starts at Dh377
  • Dubai to Hyderabad starts at Dh480
  • Sharjah to Hyderabad starts at Dh449

Travel was restricted the previous year, yet individuals still wanted to visit India.

“The majority of the people have vacation packages, and some of them wish to return home to celebrate Eid with their families.

Travel agents predict that rates may fluctuate and possibly increase for these dates in the near future.

“This may be the cause of the uncertainty surrounding the announcement of the Eid holiday. We are planning to start our trip on April 19.

Libin Varghese, Sales Director at Rooh Tours and Tourism, said that this may be one of the causes for the drop in plane fares. Yet compared to the busiest season, “we occasionally find tickets for Dh280 to Mumbai,” continued Libin.

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