Sunday, July 14, 2024

Dubai Working on a 1200-Mile Underwater Train to India that will Travel at a Speed of 1000 km/hr

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is working on an ambitious plan to build an underwater train that connects Dubai to Mumbai, India, spanning a distance of 1,200 miles (2,000 km). This project aims to create a unique transportation link between the two cities for people and various goods, including water and oil.

Originally proposed as a concept in 2018, the Dubai to Mumbai underwater train project is now progressing beyond just an idea. The UAE’s National Advisor Bureau is actively developing a practical plan for the railway and designing the specific train required for this innovative venture.

While the UAE and India maintain a strong relationship, there might be other reasons for Dubai’s interest in this underwater train project. Saudi Arabia has become a strong competitor in the region, launching ambitious projects with substantial funding.

One notable project is NEOM, which includes the extravagant LINE, aiming to build a vast city from the desert to the sea. This venture is highly ambitious and costly, with the entire NEOM project expected to cost around $1 trillion, with the LINE portion accounting for $500 billion of that total.

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