Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Dubai’s RTA to Offer 200 Job Opportunities for UAE Nationals at Upcoming Career Fair

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is set to provide 200 employment opportunities spanning various engineering and scientific disciplines at the forthcoming job fair tailored for UAE nationals. The event, known as ‘Ru’ya – Careers UAE Redefined 2023,’ is scheduled to run from September 19 to 21 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. With an anticipated attendance of over 15,000 visitors seeking employment, networking, and skill development, the RTA aims to attract Emirati graduates and talents to bolster its workforce.

Emiratisation Strategy:
The RTA’s participation in the job fair underscores its dedication to the Emiratisation strategy, a government initiative aimed at increasing the representation of UAE nationals in the workforce. The event attracts a diverse group of fresh university, college, and institute graduates, as well as experienced Emirati professionals in various roles. The RTA is committed to cultivating a work environment that promotes continuous learning and training, values innovation and precision in task execution, and focuses on nurturing and advancing UAE talents.

Available Job Opportunities:
The RTA is offering positions in several fields, including engineering, data science, urban planning, IT security, and specialized roles in rail and transportation. Applicants can register online or choose in-person interviews at the RTA’s booth, where specialists from the Human Resources and Development Department will be available to assist and conduct interviews.

Empower Her:
In a notable addition to this year’s job fair, ‘Empower Her’ is a dedicated area designed to support female job seekers. This initiative will feature workshops and mentoring sessions led by experts who understand the unique challenges faced by women in the job market. It reflects the RTA’s commitment to women’s empowerment and their active participation in the workforce.

Dubai’s RTA is taking significant steps to bolster its workforce by offering 200 job opportunities to UAE nationals at the ‘Ru’ya – Careers UAE Redefined 2023’ job fair. With a focus on Emiratisation, skill development, and women’s empowerment, the RTA is poised to attract and nurture top talent as it continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of transportation and infrastructure in the UAE. Job seekers are encouraged to participate in this exciting event, either through online registration or in-person interviews, to explore rewarding career prospects with the RTA.

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