Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Ducky Bhai Takes Offence to Irfan Junejo’s Comment on the Trend of ‘Involving Wives’ in Videos

Irfan Junejo, a popular vlogger and YouTuber, recently explained why he has been less active on social media, particularly on YouTube, which has caused a response from Ducky Bhai, even though Irfan later clarified that his comments were not aimed at anyone in particular.

During a guest appearance on Daniyal Sheikh’s podcast, The Art of Content Creation, Irfan explained that he chooses not to include his wife, marriage, family, or any other private affairs in his vlogs, even though doing so would likely increase his following and viewership.

Although Irfan did not mention any names, Ducky took offense and tweeted about how his following has remained the same even before his marriage.

However, a user responded to Ducky’s sarcastic tweet by saying that Irfan Junejo had already addressed the misunderstanding in his Instagram Stories and clarified that it was not directed at anyone in particular.

“No one, except me, made a honeymoon vlog in 2023 in Pakistan And no one except Maaz made a ‘saying yes to wife’ video.’ It’s easier to point someone out without saying a name,” tweeted Ducky, implying that he did not cash on his marriage to increase his viewership as alleged by Irfan.

“I still love Irfan though. No offence at all. I just wanted to clarify my point. Ducky Bhai was Ducky Bhai before and after marriage. I was also making the same amount of money before and after marriage, and was also getting millions of views sitting on a chair playing a video game when vlogging wasn’t even on my channel,” he stated.

During a podcast with Daniyal Sheikh, Irfan Junejo spoke about his inconsistency on YouTube and how the platform’s algorithm works in Pakistan.

He explained that YouTube does not pay creators for the time they invest in a video and that the algorithm only boosts viewership if creators post daily. Irfan expressed his concerns about the lack of quality content and the impact on his health if he followed that approach.

He added that he is now exploring alternative sources of income through his Instagram and TikTok platforms so that he can work on ideas that he is passionate about for YouTube.

Irfan mentioned that his niche ideas, such as a food documentary on the lives of people who make the best biryani in Karachi, may not get many views compared to more sensational videos, even though his platform is significant.

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