Monday, April 15, 2024

E-commerce veteran, Saqib Azhar urges Govt to subsidize shipping cost for E-commerce boost

Saqib Azhar, the CEO and Co-Founder of Enablers has recently expressed his views to the government where he has urged to Prime Minister, Imran Khan that if Pakistan really wants “Made in Pakistan” products worldwide than government should subsidize the international shipping costs in order to boost the E-Commerce internationally.

While delivering his thought through his official social media accounts he also added that Pakistan post is cheap but very slow. If we ship any little item from Pakistan internationally like to USA that makes around 5 thousand+ shipping charges on an average while including the customs handling and tax but if China ships to USA then it cost them less than $1 or sometime they do offer free shipping with small item if you order it via Ali Express.

This is the basic function that our government needs to understand and subsidize shipping to support eCommerce, as per Saqib Azhar.
He further mentioned that he and his team of Enablers and other E-Commerce platforms are the reason behind brining dollars to the country. Paying taxes to the government is significant; however, government should also consider subsidizing the shipping costs.

Saqib Azhar, enables others to come forward in Pakistan and learn E-commerce, digital marketing, technology. Selling of products, get affiliated with Amazon; however, he been an enthusiast to boost the E-commerce of Pakistan has shared his view to get government’s support.

Strong internet connectivity with high speed pace is required in today’s world; but Pakistan is lacking in this domain also. He has urged to get strong internet connectivity nationally so that the work that is done through net while interacting internationally can help everyone to bring more dollars while finalizing the deals and projects on time.

According to the sources, Azhar has also asked the Prime Minister to make a platform where the E-Commerce or digital marketers can raise their voice to the Government in order to get facilities and support by the government that can help them to boost the overall economy of the country with Government’s support.

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