Thursday, July 25, 2024

Eat Food Festival Mishap: Before Setting blames, We Should Self-Reflect

The tenth edition of the food festival came to Karachi. Karachi showcased its true colors to the world yearly through the biggest food festival. The extravaganza was held at Karachi Beach View Park on the 6th, 7th, and 8th of January 2022. The heart of Pakistan is known for its amazing food and distinct flavor. The diversity of Karachi cuisine is matchless in its flavor, variety, and presentation. It has an amalgamation of different traditions and tastes. The Eat Food Festival fully depicted the foodiness of the city. The spice-filled smoke at the Eat Food Festival made the customer’s taste buds water. It was an event which lived to the fullest in the past, but sadly this time it turned out as expected.

Karachi is the heart of Pakistan. It is the pivot of the country’s economy. The 3,500 square kilometers have a population of approximately 20 million. Such events are forecasted to have high turnover. The tenth edition Eat Food Festival started well, but things went astray on the 2nd and 3rd days when a crowd of attendees jumped over the fence and rushed to enter the event without tickets. Even with foolproof security, the impulsive behavior of a few particular stags disrupted the Eat Food Festival. The situation got out of hand, and the families had to escape the park. After canceling the scheduled performance, the management escorted the people and artists to safety.

No doubt it was an unfortunate event, but it’s not the sole responsibility of the management. We cannot shy away from our responsibility to behave in a civic and decent manner. Following the rules is not a luxury but a responsibility. We should self-reflect before blaming the authorities and the event organizers. Furthermore, the Eat Management applied for the event and pledged to conduct a detailed inquiry.

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