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Edge, The U.S Based Startup that provided 200 jobs in Pakistan in the span of only 12 months

Edge has recently unveiled the success behind its startup, where they provided over 200 jobs to candidates for multiple job positions in Pakistan in the span of only 1 Year. This startup was founded in January 2020 by Iffi Wahla, who is based in U.S, California.  Edge provides U.S based insurance agencies and health care practices with full-time remote employees. With the growing worker shortage in the U.S, Edge provides a staffing solution to help curb the crisis.

Iffi Wahla, the founder of Edge, is a Pakistani-American entrepreneur who faced many challenges while finding a way to expand the operations of his business. After researching different countries to begin operations, Iffi decided to stick to his home country of Pakistan and established “Edge Services & Solutions” in Islamabad, where he first hired Edge’s current Chief Operating Officer, Ali Zia.

Since its inception, Edge provided jobs throughout the COVID-19 pandemic when people were losing jobs. This helped the company grow at a steady pace and provided people with the opportunity to support themselves and their families during a time of uncertainty.

Iffi, the founder of Edge, stated in his interview that, “I remember the first day when I landed in Pakistan; it was a few weeks after the idea of Edge came to us, and I just knew that we couldn’t take the next step without taking the first.”

All-in-all, it was an incredible learning experience for Iffi and his team to launch their operations in another country. Iffi stated at the end of his interview that, “The future of Edge is bright as ever.”

Edge currently has locations in the United States, Pakistan and Peru with plans to launch in multiple countries in the future.

Edge’s goal is to expand its departments and grow to a team of 2000 by end of 2023, thus providing more jobs through their official careers page:

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