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Electricity Breakdown in Karachi’ K-Electric Failed to Serve Consumers

According to the report, many areas of Karachi faced a major power outage today due to the tripping of the NTDC’s NKI-Baldia 1&2 circuit that supplies electricity to the port city. However, supply to the associated grids was also affected.

According to the latest update the electricity is restored in only few of the areas; however, many areas are still under an effect of no electricity. Citizens of Federal B Area, North Karachi, Lyari, Malir, Gulistan-Johar, DHA have reported that they are facing this issue since morning.

Regarding this issue, KE has tweeted that “Interruption in the power supply are being reported from some parts of the city. We are urgently looking into this.”

Citizens are still complaining for this issue as it has not been resolved yet. According to locals, they have faced many issues throughout the day due to the breakdown of electricity as the lockdown has been imposed by the government and educational institutes are closed physically but majority of the students are taking classes online which they were unable to attend today.

Due to this power breakdown students have reported that they were unable to appear in their online exams that were being conducted under a specific time.

Karachi is facing a challenging hot weather nowadays and due to the negligence of K-Electric, in this hot summer season, citizens faced huge challenge without any fan or AC just because of the shortage of electricity.

This is not the first time when this power shortage has happened in Karachi, but this needs a proper consideration because it not only affects the individuals but it highly hits the businesses like the industries and corporates that have their manufacturing plants.

According to the citizens of Karachi, K-Electric has again failed in their management and this has affected many individuals, local retailers, and local businesses.

Mehjabeen Qasim
Mehjabeen Qasim
Business Journalist at Startup Pakistan

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