Monday, October 2, 2023

Elon Musk Not Serious About Cage Fight; Time to Move on, Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, who is in charge of Meta, said he won’t be fighting Elon Musk in a cage match anymore because he thinks Musk is not serious about it. The fight idea came from Musk’s social media platform, X (previously known as Twitter), and was supposed to happen soon.

But Zuckerberg thinks Musk is making excuses and not confirming a date. The two billionaires have been jokingly challenging each other for a while, but without a set date, it’s unclear if it will happen.

Zuckerberg started a new messaging app called Threads, which got a lot of attention with more than 100 million people signing up within a week of its launch in July. This made things more complicated between them, even though Musk’s platform, X, still has about 350 million users.

Musk has talked about suing Meta, saying they stole secrets from Twitter, but Meta denies this. Recently, Zuckerberg suggested August 26 as a possible date for the fight. Italy’s culture minister even said they could host it in Italy with an “ancient Rome theme” for charity.

Zuckerberg decided to stop pursuing the fight, and Musk called him a “chicken” on X in response. Musk also shared a supposed text message conversation where they talked about fighting in Meta’s headquarters’ special ring, called an Octagon, where cage fights usually happen.

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