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Elvish honey is World’s Expensive Honey Costs RS. 9 Lacs/kg

Bee honey or small bee honey is available in a variety of forms and rates, and the cost of honey is decided by the quantity purchased. However, there is one honey that is reputed to be the most costly honey in the world.

What type of honey is the most costly in the world?

Elvish honey, which is extremely rare and only found in the Black Sea region of Turkey, is the name of the most expensive honey in the world. In addition to being the most expensive honey in the world, it is also renowned for its distinctive flavour and high cost also known as pure honey.

What makes this honey so expensive?

The honey in question is the most costly in the world since it is taken from a cave in the Turkish city of Artvin that is 1800 metres below the surface. In addition, this honey can only be harvested once a year, which drives up the cost of the product.

Why is this honey so unique?

Because it doesn’t taste sweet like regular honey and instead has a mildly bitter flavour, this honey is special because it is thought to be very healthy. This honey also contains magnesium and potassium as well as antioxidants. Elvish honey is sold at 9 lakhs per kg in Pakistani currency.

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