Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Emails and passwords of more than 3.27 billion users leaked online

It is getting harder to keep our online presence safe and protected with each passing day, because hackers are discovering crazier ways to breach into our lives.

But now, when an insecure database consisting of sensitive data of over 3.2 billion users has been found online, it seems that things have definitely gone to a whole new level.

First reported by CyberNews, the information consists of clear text emails and passwords that have appeared on a common hacking website, gathered on Netflix, LinkedIn, Exploit.in, Bitcoin and others from previous hacks.

The breach is called as a COMB violation or Collection of Several Breaches. It includes more than twice the unique email and password pairs. As of now, the data is archived in an encrypted container protected by a password. The breach is somewhat comparable to what was experienced when 1.4 billion credentials were made online in 2017.

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