Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Embracing Local Pakistani Brands Amidst Boycott

The people of Palestine have experienced the worst kind of genocide during the past few months at the hands of IDF. People worldwide are refusing to use products manufactured and produced by Israeli companies and instead have opted for local brands manufactured in their respective countries. Pakistanis are supporting this boycott and are making a conscious effort to support products and goods made and produced in Pakistan. 

Here is a list of Pakistani products that you can support, from fast food restaurants to detergent brands and beverages.

Pakola, an iconic green beverage brand, has been a cornerstone of Pakistani culture for over seven decades. Its distinct green color and packaging have made it a household favorite, offering a refreshing alternative to international soft drinks. Talking about beverages loved by the country, Mezan Tea has been a household name for generations. It embodies Pakistan’s rich tea-drinking culture. By choosing Mezan over other famous alternatives, consumers support a brand deeply rooted in local traditions, steering away from imported alternatives.

As for premium quality local bottled water, Pakola Water, sourced from pure springs, presents a local alternative to foreign water brands. With its stylish packaging and crisp taste, it stands as a symbol of local resilience amidst global competition. Next is Apple Sidra, a unique drink that is loved by one and all. Every drop is rich with its delightful apple flavor and the essence of Pakistani tradition in a carbonated drink. For the past few decades, it has been loved by generations and its taste resonates with local preferences.

Snackcity Confectioners, with its Kurleez brand, offers a handful of chips flavours to choose from and are the perfect locally produced snacking option. The chips are enjoyed by Pakistanis of all ages. Supporting Kurleez means indulging in high-quality confectionery crafted with love. Another prominent local confectioner is Bisconni, the company that is behind much loved products such as Cocomo, Chocolatto, Chocolate Chip and Rite cookies.

Talking about restaurants, Hanifia is famous for its slow-cooked hunter beef and special deep that is loved by one and all, but their Fried Chicken is equally amazing. It puts a Pakistani spin on the beloved fried chicken concept, tantalizing taste buds with its unique blend of spices and fries. With its commitment to quality and taste, Hanifia should be the joint you go to when you are craving good quality fried chicken and boycott other international brands. Another local eatery that is making raves around the city is Kababjees Fried Chicken, an excellent fried chicken alternative for international fast food chains in the country. By choosing Kababjees, consumers can enjoy a fusion of top-quality fried chicken that celebrates Pakistan’s culinary diversity from a fast food restaurant that is genuinely Pakistani.

These are just some of the local brands that you can embrace and encourage people around you to switch to considering the difficult time the world is going through right now. This achieves two purposes. It is a way to show solidarity and standby with the people of Palestine and promote the country’s industries and companies so they can replace international brands and become everyone’s go-to options.

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