Monday, March 4, 2024

Emirates Airline to Hire 5,000 Cabin Crew

Emirates airline is embarking on a substantial recruitment drive, aiming to hire 5,000 new cabin crew members to support its upcoming fleet of Airbus A350s. This initiative is primarily directed towards individuals who have recently entered the workforce.

Emirates is particularly interested in fresh graduates with internships or part-time work experience, those with about a year of background in hospitality or customer service, and individuals who aspire to build a career involving extensive global travel.

The airline promises recruits the opportunity to be part of the world’s largest international airline and one of the most renowned brands in the industry. Emirates emphasizes that its new cabin crew members will receive training in hospitality and life skills from some of the best trainers in the business. Moreover, they will have the privilege of traveling to over 140 cities across 76 countries, accompanied by a range of benefits associated with working for Emirates.

To facilitate this extensive recruitment effort, Emirates plans to conduct open days and assessments in more than 460 cities globally throughout the year. This widespread approach reflects the vast network of the airline and the diverse composition of its cabin crew team.

This recruitment push coincides with Emirates’ expansion plans, particularly the introduction of its eagerly awaited Airbus A350s, starting from the middle of the year. Additionally, the airline is set to incorporate Boeing 777-Xs into its fleet, commencing in 2025. With orders for 65 A350s and a mix of 205 777-9s and 777-8s, Emirates is gearing up for a significant enhancement of its fleet and network.

Upon successful recruitment, all new cabin crew members will undergo an intensive eight-week training program at Emirates’ facility in Dubai. This training is designed to equip them with the skills necessary to work effectively in multicultural teams, maintain focus and composure under pressure, deliver exceptional hospitality and service, and serve as ambassadors for the iconic Emirates brand.

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