Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Emirates CEO Issues Apology as Nearly 400 Flights Cancelled After Record Rain

Paul Griffiths, the CEO of Dubai Airports, has written a letter to passengers, addressing the challenges faced by the airport due to recent heavy rainfall in the UAE.

In his letter, Griffiths emphasizes the hard work of Dubai Airports’ teams and assures travelers that everyone involved is actively working to ensure the safety and well-being of guests and to get operations back to normal.

Griffiths acknowledges the unprecedented nature of the situation caused by the heavy rainfall, which has disrupted airport operations and caused inconvenience to passengers and staff alike.

He reassures passengers that the main priority of Dubai Airports is the welfare of guests and restoring normal operations at Dubai International Airport (DXB) as quickly as possible. This will allow passengers to resume their travel plans smoothly and reach their destinations without delay.

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