Monday, October 2, 2023

Emirates Passengers Can Now Visit 15 More Destinations in India, Sri Lanka on Single Ticket

Emirates and SriLankan Airlines have joined forces by signing an agreement that allows passengers from both airlines to connect more easily. This partnership enables passengers to access new destinations on each other’s networks using a single ticket and enjoy the convenience of having their baggage transferred seamlessly.

Here’s what this means for travelers:

  1. Expanded Network: Passengers can now book tickets that provide access to 15 regional destinations operated by SriLankan Airlines through Colombo. This includes two new Indian destinations, Madurai and Tiruchirapally, as well as Gan Island in the Maldives. Travelers can seamlessly reach these destinations with a single ticket.
  2. Convenient Baggage Policy: Travelers benefit from a generous baggage policy, and their luggage will be checked through to the final destination without any hassle.
  3. For SriLankan Airlines Passengers: SriLankan Airlines passengers will also gain access to Emirates’ global network, which includes 15 cities beyond Dubai. These destinations are located across the Middle East, Africa, Russia, and the US.
  4. For Emirates Passengers: Emirates passengers can now easily reach a variety of destinations operated by SriLankan Airlines, making their travel experience more convenient.

Overall, this agreement enhances connectivity for both Emirates and SriLankan Airlines passengers, making it easier for them to explore a wider range of destinations while enjoying a seamless travel experience.

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