Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Emirates SkyCargo Announces Job Openings in UAE with Salary upto 10,000 Dirhams

Emirates SkyCargo, a notable airline based in the United Arab Emirates, presents a diverse array of captivating career prospects for those who possess a fervor for aviation and exceptional customer service.

About Emirates SkyCargo

Emirates SkyCargo, the renowned air cargo division of Emirates Airlines, stands as a formidable force in the realm of global logistics and transportation. Based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), this division has established itself as a pivotal player in facilitating the seamless movement of goods and cargo across the world.

With its headquarters located in Dubai, Emirates SkyCargo operates a comprehensive network that spans six continents, connecting key trade and commerce hubs. The division boasts a fleet of modern and technologically advanced aircraft, including the iconic Boeing 777 and Boeing 777F freighters, designed to efficiently transport a wide range of cargo, from perishables and pharmaceuticals to electronics and machinery.

List of Available Positions

  • Manager Cargo Global Commercial Development
  • National High School Graduate Emirates SkyCargo Acceleration Programme¬†
  • National Graduate Training Programme- SkyCargo Support Manager

Emirates SkyCargo Job Requirements

The specific prerequisites for Emirates SkyCargo positions differ depending on your desired role. Here are a few general principles to bear in mind:

Educational and Professional Background: Distinct positions call for specific educational qualifications and levels of prior experience. For instance, roles involving flight crew generally mandate pilot licenses and training, while administrative positions might necessitate relevant degrees or certifications.

Competencies and Qualifications: Depending on the role, proficiencies such as effective communication, adept problem-solving, technical skills, and mastery in customer service might be indispensable.

Physical Well-being: Roles encompassing flight crew and maintenance could stipulate that candidates meet specific health and physical fitness criteria, ensuring the well-being of both passengers and crew members.

Certification and Licensing: Certain designations, including pilots and technicians, might mandate possession of valid licenses or certifications bestowed by aviation authorities.

Linguistic Proficiency: Given the bilingual context of the United Arab Emirates and Emirates SkyCargo’s service area, proficiency in English and/or French could be imperative.

How to Apply for Emirates SkyCargo Careers

  • Role Research: Browse positions on Emirates SkyCargo’s website or job portals, finding a match for your skills and interests.
  • Review Requirements: Understand qualifications and skills from the job description.
  • Prepare Documents: Update your CV and gather necessary certificates or licenses.
  • Online Application: Apply through the Emirates SkyCargo careers page or designated portal, uploading your CV.
  • Customize Cover Letter: Write a tailored cover letter showcasing your enthusiasm and alignment with the role.
  • Submit Application: Verify details before submitting, ensuring accurate contact information.
  • Monitor Application: Track progress through the application portal for updates or requests.
  • Prepare for Interviews: If shortlisted, get ready for interviews, in-person or remote.

Emirates SkyCargo job Vacancies in Dubai

Job TitleLocationAction
Manager Cargo Global Commercial Development  DubaiApply Now
National High School Graduate Emirates SkyCargo Acceleration Programme   DubaiApply Now
National Graduate Training Programme- SkyCargo Support Manager  DubaiApply Now

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