Monday, April 15, 2024

Emirati Influencer Khalid Al Ameri Meets Sania Mirza and Her Family in India

Emirati social media influencer Khalid Al Ameri is on a trip to the Indian subcontinent to find the best biryani. A while back, he tried spicy food in Kerala and regretted it in a funny way.

Now he’s trying Indian food again, aiming to change perceptions about its spiciness, but it’s turning out funny. In Hyderabad, he met Indian tennis star Sania Mirza and shared his happiness on Instagram.

He posted a picture from someone else’s story that supports his biryani quest. The caption said, “Happy biryani to you, @khalidalameri,” with a laughing emoji. He shared on Instagram that he ate five plates of biryani in two days.

His trip is about experiencing local cultures, traditions, and foods, and his followers are enjoying his content.

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