Sunday, October 1, 2023

Emirati Student From Abu Dhabi named UAE Arab Reading Champion

Amna Mohammed Al Mansouri, an Emirati student from Abu Dhabi, emerged as the UAE Arab Reading Champion at a prestigious award ceremony in Dubai. Alongside her, Ghareeb Mohammed Al-Yamahi secured first place in the new category for People of Determination. The event was attended by Minister of State for Public Education and Advanced Technology.

The Arab Reading Challenge, initiated by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the largest Arab literacy initiative. It encourages students to read over 50 books within a single Academic year, fostering a love for reading.

Amna, a 17 year old student, expressed her indescribable sense of triumph upon winning the championship. She dedicated her victory to her late grandfather. Moreover, she drew inspiration from her sister, Aisha Al Mansouri, who excels in research, science, and political science and international relations. Aisha’s achievements served as a source of motivation and admiration for Amna.

Furthermore, over the past two years, Amna immersed herself in the world of literature. She devoured a total of 131 books. Attending the School of Aisha bint Abi Bakr in Abu Dhabi, her thirst for knowledge found nurturing ground, leading her to achieve this remarkable feat.

Notably, the Arab Reading Challenge witnessed the participation of 921 schools and 514,506 students from across the UAE. Moreover, this seventh edition broke records with the involvement of approximately 24.8 million students from 46 countries worldwide.

The Arab Reading Challenge serves as a powerful platform to promote literacy and inspire young minds in the Arab world. Furthermore, the exceptional achievements of students like Amna Mohammed Al Mansouri and Ghareeb Mohammed Al-Yamahi exemplify their unwavering commitment to reading excellence. Additionally, the Arab Reading Challenge encourages young readers to explore diverse books, expand their horizons, and recognize the transformative power that reading holds.

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