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CDC’s Emlaak Financials Revolutionizes Mutual Fund Investing in PakistanUse this

The Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited (CDC) stands as a cornerstone in Pakistan’s Capital Market, serving as a vital infrastructure institution for securities bookkeeping and trade settlement. Since its inception in 1997, operating under the Central Depositories Act 1997, CDC has evolved into a trusted custodial service provider, overseeing assets totaling over PKR 6.75 trillion (USD 24 billion) with a commitment to innovation and top-notch information security standards. Besides being the sole depository of book-entry securities in Pakistan Capital Market, CDC has successfully diversified its businesses in line with its vision to boost the economy and is now providing secure and efficient services to almost every segment of Pakistan’s financial system including Mutual Funds, Insurance, Real estate, etc. Now, CDC plays pivotal roles as a facilitator, infrastructure architect, and information hub for Pakistan’s financial ecosystem.

As part of its vision for investor facilitation and effecting ease of doing business, CDC has introduced Emlaak Financials (www.emlaakfinancials.com), a digital aggregator platform for mutual funds. This platform, envisioned as a financial supermarket, simplifies the online mutual fund investment experience, offering convenience, transparency, and efficiency for investors. Considering the challenges faced by Pakistan’s savings and investments culture, esp. the challenge of a low number of capital market investors, Emlaak Financials strives to bridge the gap by providing a user-friendly platform for completely digital and hassle-free account-opening in mutual funds and online transactions.

Emlaak Financials acts as a one-stop-shop, consolidating over 200 mutual funds from 17 Asset Management Companies. The platform marks a significant milestone, being the first digital aggregator platform offering a diverse array of funds from across Pakistan’s Asset Management industry. Emlaak Financials has been designed to enhance investor outreach and accessibility, offering unique tools like the cross industry fund comparison tool and return calculator for informed decision-making. The platform’s features of digital onboarding, quick transaction facilitation, and consolidated portfolio tracking provide a seamless investment experience.

The platform’s success lies in its simplicity, user-friendly interface, integrated payment gateways, and comprehensive tracking features. While highlighting the success of Emlaak Financials, it’s essential to recognize its impact on promoting secure investment options. With an emphasis on mutual funds, the platform aims to educate investors about diversified and professionally managed portfolios, reducing the risk associated with direct investment in stocks.

Highlighting the significance of this unique initiative by CDC, CEO-CDC Mr. Badiuddin Akber, a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience, says, “CDC’s Emlaak Financials is reshaping the landscape of mutual fund investments in Pakistan, bringing convenience and transparency to investors. As the platform continues to evolve, it strives to play a pivotal role in fostering a culture of informed and secure investments, contributing to the growth of Pakistan’s financial landscape. Looking ahead, Emlaak Financials plans to expand its offerings to include other asset classes like insurance products and property tokens, providing a holistic investment experience.”

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