Thursday, April 18, 2024


LAHORE: Energy lack across Punjab has overlapped 2,000MW, said Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) on Friday, ARY News reported. 

The representative of the LESCO in his speech said that presently, the energy shortfall in the region is noted at more than 2,000MW, and accordingly, the urban and the rural zones of the region are facing unexpected power shortages.

“The grid stations in Lahore are overloaded which is resulting in tripping of the stations,” the LESCO official said.

The foundations inside the power division have said the power shortage is growing due to the small level of inflows in Tarbela Dam and no supply of gas and oil to the powerhouses.

They said that the condition will recover in the following two to three days.

On Thursday, it was stated that the wide-ranging energy shortfall had reached 6000 megawatts in Pakistan.

Conferring to sources, the country had a cumulative power mandate of 25000 megawatts on Thursday, whereas the overall power supply from numerous resources was around 19000MW.

The power outages reached six to eight hours daily in large cities, even though small towns and villages were facing up to 10 hours of power load shedding in a day.

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