Monday, June 17, 2024

Engineer Builds the Fully Functional Bicycle with Square Wheels

In a remarkable engineering feat, a bike enthusiast has managed to build a fully functional bicycle with square wheels. The innovative design of the bicycle challenges conventional wisdom, as square wheels are typically thought to be unusable for practical purposes.

The inventor, Sergii Gordieiev, spent months working on the design and building of the bike. He used a series of gears and complex mechanics to ensure that the square wheels could move smoothly and efficiently.

The bike has a sturdy frame and the wheels are carefully aligned to ensure a stable ride.

Despite initial skepticism, Mr. Gordieiev’s invention has proved to be a success. The bike can travel on a flat surface at a moderate speed, thanks to its unique design.

However, it requires a specially designed road with a series of bumps and dips to allow the wheels to rotate smoothly.

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