Thursday, December 7, 2023

Erum Mohmand First Woman from Mohmand Tribal District Joins Balochistan Police

Erum Mohmand’s entry into the Balochistan Police is a big step for women’s representation in law enforcement in Pakistan. She is the first woman from Mohmand, a tribal district, to join the police force as a sub-inspector.

Her father, SSP Sajid Khan Mohmand, was a police officer who tragically lost his life in a terrorist attack in 2017. Following in his footsteps, Erum is determined to continue his legacy of service.

Inspired by her father’s dedication to duty, Erum pursued a degree from Peshawar University and now wants to play a unique role in community policing.

She sees herself as a torchbearer, defending her country and serving as an inspiration to other women who may want to join law enforcement. Her recruitment is a source of pride for her family and a sign of progress for gender equality in traditionally male-dominated sectors.

Erum’s historic induction into the Balochistan Police encourages other women to consider careers in law enforcement and contributes to a more diverse and inclusive future in the field.

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