Tuesday, June 25, 2024

ESG in Action: Unity Foods Partners with The Green Ark to Recycle Plastic Waste

Unity Foods continues to showcase a strong commitment to ESG principles through a partnership with The Green Ark (TGA). A MoU was signed to this effect between both companies whereby TGA will collect and transform scrap materials from Unity Foods to create a diverse array of recycled products intended for reuse. The initiative aims to facilitate the circular economy by mitigating the impact of single-use plastics that contribute significantly towards the deterioration of global ecosystems.

Unity Foods regularly undertakes lasting projects that align with its objectives to reduce the impact of conventional industrialization on the environment. Under the current partnership with The Green Ark, a leading recycling solutions provider, Unity Foods will not only ensure the traceability of its packaging waste but also highlight a robust commitment to a greener environment by contributing to the circular economy. With an average of more than 13,000 kilograms of waste every month including items like garbage debris, oily pouches, plastic jerry cans, tin scraps, plastic bags, and cardboard cartons, a substantial amount of materials will be recycled which will not end up in landfills or incinerators that ultimately damage nature.

“Global warming is a present and potent threat, especially for Pakistan which despite producing a negligible level of greenhouse gases, faces the brunt of the consequences of this global phenomenon. At Unity Foods, we always aim to set a precedent, particularly with our ESG practices that underscore our commitment to ensuring our children can inherit a safe and healthy planet. This partnership with The Green Ark is another step in this direction and we aim to continue commencing similar initiatives in the future”, commented Ms. Nageen Rizvi, Head of Corporate Communications & Sustainability, Unity Foods at the signing ceremony.

At the occasion, Mr. Habib Elahi, CEO, The Green Ark said, “We are committed to reduce the carbon footprint through recycling waste into resin and building materials such as pavers and tiles made from end-of-cycle plastic waste. By this strategic partnership between Unity Foods and TGA, we can ensure that that waste generated is responsibly recycled and adds value in the circular economy”.

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