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Etihad Airways Announces 100+ Job Vacancies across the World

Etihad Airways, The second largest airline in the UAE and the third largest airline in the Middle East, Etihad Airways, have their own headquarters near Abu Dhabi International Airport. The company was established 15 years ago and officially started operations in November 2003. Its intention and strategy is to elevate the airline to a new level.

With this belief and commitment, they achieved their goals, and Etihad did it a few years later. The airline can operate more than 1,000 flights to the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States every week. The message is, “If you have a clear vision and direction, you will not hover.”

When it comes to freshmen, jobs at Etihad Airways seem like a fake or false statement for job seekers who are unaware, but Etihad is offering new internships and degree programs for freshmen or recently qualified graduates to help them improve. Career that can turn an internship into a full-time job.

Etihad Airways Cabin Crew Jobs

Etihad Airways Cabin Crew Careers is genuinely global citizens with a shared passion for hospitality and care for our guests. They are inspired by traditional Arabian hospitality in Abu Dhabi. Etihad Cabin Crew strives to exceed our guests’ expectations, inspire our customers and provide safe and enjoyable onboard experiences for all our guests.

We are looking for exceptional individuals to join our award-winning Cabin Crew. We encourage you to apply to these excellent jobs if you are passionate about providing world-class in-flight service while travelling the world. You can find Cabin crew openings below from the list of Etihad Airways Job list mentioned below.

Etihad Cabin Crew Job Requirements

  • Minimum High School Certificate or any higher education.
  • Fluent English is written and verbal comprehension is a benefit.
  • You must be at least 21 years of age at the time you apply.
  • Be confident in the water and able to swim with the help of a flotation device.
  • Without shoes, able to reach 212cms

Salary and Benefits in Etihad Airways Jobs

At Etihad Airways, there are endless opportunities for advancement and personal development. As an Etihad cabin crew member or pilot, you’ll be able to visit different countries across the globe. Both on-the-job training and off-the-job training offer opportunities for personal development. Plus Etihad Airways employees receive travel discounts, avail hotel promotions and get exclusive holiday packages. All this awaits you at Etihad Airways.

Job Openings

The job vacancies are in various categories including

  • academic roles
  • IT
  • cabin crew
  • cargo
  • commercial
  • corporate communications
  • marketing, brand
  • engineering, finance
  • flight deck

You can Apply for the Jobs at website

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