Monday, March 4, 2024

Etihad Rail Sign Deal with Uber for ‘Pick-Up and Drop-Off Areas’

Etihad Rail and Uber have recently signed an agreement that could revolutionize transportation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The deal aims to enhance passenger transport options and improve overall mobility in the country.

Etihad Rail and Uber will work together to integrate E-hailing and establish dedicated pick up and drop off zones at railway stations, enhancing commuter journey planning.

Making Travel between Major Cities a Breeze

The Etihad Rail project, which is eagerly awaited by residents and tourists alike. It will connect the UAE, Oman, and Saudi Arabia through a 1,200 kilometer railway network. Once operational, the passenger train service will carry approximately 400 people. It will operate between 11 cities and areas across the UAE, offering quick and convenient travel options. For instance, travelers will be able to travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai in just 50 minutes. With speeds reaching up to 200 kilometers per hour, the trains will provide a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience.

Moreover, passengers can look forward to a range of amenities onboard the trains. Carriages will be equipped with Wi-Fi, entertainment systems, and charging points. It will cater to the needs of all passengers, whether they are families, workers, or tourists. Moreover, the railway will integrate with existing public transportation, such as buses and the metro. Plans are underway to introduce a unified ticketing and journey planning system. This integration will further enhance the accessibility and efficiency of the UAE’s transportation network.

By leveraging technology and analyzing passenger activity and movement patterns, both companies aim to address complex transport challenges, prevent congestion, and limit pollution.

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