Tuesday, June 25, 2024

European Union to Give 12 Million Euros for Lahore’s Wast Water Treatment Project

The Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) will receive 12 million euros from the European Union as well as technical assistance for the Babu Sabu Waste Water Treatment Plant.

In this context, a delegation from the European agency met with Ghafran Ahmed, the managing director of Wasa, and his staff on Thursday at the agency’s headquarters.

The Babu Sabu Wastewater Treatment Plant was discussed during the discussion, and the MD informed the EU delegation that instructions had already been provided to expedite the project while a project management unit was being established for the project with assistance from the European Agency.

According to MD WASA Ghufran Ahmed, the EU has given 3 lakh Euros to establish a project management unit, and directives have been given to execute the project quickly.

He said that following treatment, water from the Babu Sabu Water Treatment Plant would be pumped into the River Ravi, aiding in the eventual reduction of environmental pollution.

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