Monday, February 26, 2024

EV-Charging Road Unveiled in Michigan, USA

Detroit has recently become home to the nation’s first wireless charging roadway, located on 14th Street near Michigan Central in Corktown.

Despite its outward appearance as a standard quarter-mile road, it is equipped with inductive-charging coils beneath the surface. These coils enable the charging of electric vehicles, marking a significant advancement in automotive technology.

The technology behind this initiative is provided by Electreon, and the company views this development as a pivotal moment, particularly because Detroit is a city where automotive innovation can flourish.

Stefan Tongur, the Vice President of Business Development at Electreon, showcased the wireless charging capabilities during a demonstration with Local 4.

What makes this technology noteworthy is its ability to facilitate charging while vehicles are in motion or stationary. Electric vehicles utilizing this wireless charging system must be equipped with a receiver for activation, allowing them to seamlessly tap into the charging infrastructure embedded beneath the road surface.

This pioneering initiative aims to position Michigan Central as a hub for further refinement and practical implementation of wireless charging technology for electric vehicles. The overarching goal is to integrate and optimize this technology in real-world scenarios, contributing to the ongoing evolution of electric vehicle infrastructure.

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