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Exploring The Future of Digital Commerce

The banking fraternity of Pakistan is undergoing a significant transformation fueled by the widespread adoption of technology. Financial Institutions are striving to enhance customer experience, streamline their operations, and maintain competitiveness. It is the strong drive towards industry 4.0 in the financial realm that leads to the overarching question – Will traditional banks persist alongside their digital counterparts, or are we moving towards a landscape where all banking activities are conducted in the digital sphere?

It is at this esteemed forum of innovation and technological advancement that Mr. Zafar Ali Zaidi, Head of Marketing, Digital & Media at Bank AL Habib Limited, is invited as a speaker and a fellow panelist.  

Titled “Seamless Middle East”, the three-day conference is set to take place at the Dubai World Trade Center from May 14th to May 16th. With an anticipated attendance of over 25,000 participants, 600+ exhibitors, and 500+ speakers from across the globe, Seamless Middle East stands at the forefront of digital innovation and strategic insight, aiming to ignite the future of digital e-commerce and facilitate the navigation of these advancements towards maximum efficiency.

 Zafar`s contributions to the field of marketing and digital innovation have been notable. With over 22 years of leadership and management experience, particularly in the development and management of media, digital assets and financial services, his strategic vision and meticulous approach have played a significant role in enhancing brand visibility and market presence for the organizations he has worked with.

Zafar`s extensive experience and expertise, continues to be a driving force in the realm of marketing and digital innovation, shaping strategies and initiatives that drive growth and success for Bank AL Habib Limited and beyond. It is his strong command over the field of marketing and digital innovation Zafar will partake in the panel discussion about the key digital trends that have shaped social media platforms in the modern world and will also be part of a presentation about Seamless Payments in Fintech along with other successful colleagues of the league.

The conference will delve into various themes, ranging from embedded banking to the impact of digital marketing and the symbiotic relationship between artificial intelligence and digital banking. It will encompass discussions on payment technology, e-commerce trends, and digital currencies, positioning itself as a premier learning platform for the global technological and financial sectors.

While the conference emphasizes digital marketing and technological advancements, its scope extends beyond these domains. Speakers, including Zafar, from diverse sectors of the corporate world will share insights, with representatives from FMCG conglomerates such as P&G and L’Oréal, as well as leaders from Emirates, Debenhams, HSBC Bank, and the Zando group. Seamless Middle East promises to be a nexus of brainstorming and strategic innovation, shaping the future landscape of commerce for the year ahead.

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