Saturday, May 18, 2024

Exports increase at Highest ever $100 million/ day rate in February.

Pakistan’s exports in February 2022 climbed by 36% to $2.808 billion, up from $2.068 billion in February 2021, according to Abdul Razak Dawood on Twitter today.

He wrote on Twitter, “We’d like to announce that, according to preliminary (pre-PBS) figures, exports in February 2022 climbed by 36% to USD 2.808 billion, up from USD 2.068 billion in February 2021. Our exports surged at the fastest rate of any month, at USD 100 million per day.”

The post went on to say, “Our exports climbed by 26 percent to USD 20.552 billion in July-February 2022, compared to USD 16.324 billion in July-February 2021. The import data will be shared as soon as the PBS confirms it.”

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