Monday, March 4, 2024

ExpressVPN Will Pay You $100,000, If You Can Hack Into Their Servers

ExpressVPN is one of the world’s most famous virtual private network (VPN) services. Express Technologies Ltd., the company behind ExpressVPN, is now offering users the chance to make $100,000 through its bug bounty programme.

ExpresVPN has recently issued a challenge to ethical hackers to breach the security of its servers, promising a reward of $100,000 (about 74 lakh rupees) to the first person who manages to do this.

VPNs like ExpressVPN work by encrypting the user’s internet traffic and routing it across encryption tunnels. In simple words, a VPN service masks the user’s real IP address with one provided by the VPN service.

Find vulnerability, win big!

A bug bounty programme is an exercise of balance in which firms like ExpressVPN claim their services are impenetrable while also giving ethical hackers an opportunity to help them improve their security.

In an e-mail, ExpressVPN told BleepingComputer that this marks the “highest single bounty offered on the Bugcrowd platform.” Further, it is also 10 times higher than the top reward earlier offered by ExpressVPN.

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