Monday, April 15, 2024

Facebook Launches Newsletter Product Bulletin, its Substack Rival

As per the official reports, on Tuesday Facebook launches its newsletter product “Bulletin” which will be a separate feature including free & paid tools for media reporters and journalists for articles & podcasts that will goal to rival Substack. It would also permit journalists to build websites.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, announced that this platform, which is live at, & introduced some writers that the company has hired in a live audio room on Facebook.

Facebook is actually forcing to take part in the booming email newsletter fad, as high-profile reporters and writers have resigned from the media corporations over the last years to set out at their own.

Substack , the Self-publishing platform has been a market leader in assisting writers to peddle email subscriptions, & has attracted journalists with cash enhancements. Other technology firms are also competing in the field, including Twitter, which purchased the newsletter platform Revue.

Facebook announced it would not take up a slice of Bulletin creators’ income at launch & that creators will select their own subscription rates. It is unveiling this platform with several high-profile celebrities & writers, comprising sportscaster Erin Andrews, author Malcolm Gladwell & “Queer Eye” star Tan France.

The Social networking site had a turbulent relationship with the news industry, which has come to a head in February after a confrontation with the Australian Govt paying too many news channels for content. After the clash, Facebook vowed to spend $1 billion in the news industry worldwide within the next three years.

The company announced that the editorials & podcasts will also be made available through the Facebook News Feed & through Facebook’s News section.

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