Sunday, April 21, 2024

Facebook’s Messenger Photos, Videos, And Files Reportedly Goes Missing, Claims Users

Social media users in Bangladesh have taken to various online platforms to report a concerning issue related to Facebook’s Messenger app.

According to their posts, many users have lost all of their media, files, and links shared in chats on the platform. The problem seems to affect both the Messenger app on phones and PCs, leaving users unable to access their data.

There are concerns that the issue may cause users to lose their valuable photos and videos permanently.

Many users expressed their disappointment with Facebook’s lack of communication regarding the problem. There have been no official statements from the company, which has left users feeling frustrated and helpless.

Some users even fear that their data may never be recovered, and there is no clear solution to the problem.

Screenshots of error messages have been shared by several users, highlighting the problem of accessing media on the app. Others have reported that their files have disappeared altogether without any warning or explanation.

This issue has caused widespread concern among Facebook Messenger users in Bangladesh, who are seeking answers and solutions from the social media giant.

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