Sunday, July 14, 2024

Faizan Shiekh Greets Ramzan Mubarak in a Unique Way

Actor Faizan Sheikh, associated with the Pakistan showbiz industry, has congratulated in a unique way on the arrival of Ramadan, saying that hajj is expensive, then what happened, you do not have to panic, at the same time he shared the list of tax-free facilities. Taking to photo and video sharing platform Instagram, Faizan Sheikh greeted his fans on the occasion of Ramadan in a unique way.

Sharing the Insta story, he wrote that if Hajj has become expensive, then you do not have to panic, it is only a duty on the ability. Sharing the list of sales tax-free facilities, he has written that prayer is still free, the rate of zakat has not increased, Ramadan fasting, recitation of The Quran, Taraweeh, zikr azkar are also tax-free.

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