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Family Welcomes first Baby Girl Born after 138 Years

A family in the US was thrilled to welcome a girl into the world after 138 years of solely having boys. The father’s family had not had a female in their straight line since 1885, which may sound incredible. A girl was born to the Michigan couple on March 17, 2023—St. Patrick’s Day.

Carolyn Clark was left astonished when she learnt from her partner Andrew that his family had not had a girl in their direct line for more than 138 years. I contacted his parents to check that information, and they responded, “Oh yeah, no, we haven’t had a girl in our straight line,” Carolyn recalled in an interview with Good Morning America. There have been girls in his bloodline through his uncles and cousins, but not himself.

The Michigan couple initially believed the tendency would continue because their first child was a male when they married. They discovered they were expecting again in 2022 and that the baby would be a girl. Yet after suffering from two miscarriages, all they wanted was a pregnancy and a child who would be healthy.

In September 2022, the couple hosted a gender reveal celebration. According to Now This News, when their loved ones cut into cookies and saw pink icing inside, everyone started screaming and jumping in shock.

After being born on March 17, their daughter Audrey Marie Clark finally ended the run of exclusively having boys. The couple said they are overjoyed that their baby girl is here and healthy. Due to the fact that “we’ve never thought of girl names before,” Andrew claimed it was “very hard to come up with a name.”

Carolyn stated that the birth of their daughter Audrey on March 17—St. Patrick’s Day—brought the family “just joy” and that Audrey was “worth the wait and all the challenges.” Carolyn added that the arrival was “even more special” because of Audrey.

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