Friday, July 19, 2024

Famous ‘CD 70’ Bike will Cost you Around Rs. 150,000 After Price Hike

Every sector is struggling in Pakistan due to the country’s economic instability and political unpredictability, and this time the auto industry has increased CD 70 pricing.

The company has not disclosed any explanations. The Honda CD70 will now cost Rs. 150,000 with this hike, which is surprising given the bike’s size, capacity, and form.

Below are the updated costs for all Honda motorcycles.

  • Honda CD 70 will now cost Rs. 149,900 after an increase of Rs. 5,000. The bike’s old rate was Rs. 144,900
  • Honda CD 70 Dream will now cost Rs.  160,900 against the old rate of Rs.155,500. The bike saw an increase of Rs. 5,400.
  • The new price of Honda Pridor is Rs. 197,900  against the old rate of Rs. 190,500. The bike saw an increase of Rs. 7,400.
  • Then comes the second most famous bike of the company, Honda CG 125. Its price has been increased by Rs. 8,000, taking the rate to Rs.  222,900 compared to the old price of Rs. 214,900.
  • Then we have Honda CG 125 SE. After observing an increase of Rs. 10,000, it will now cost Rs. 265,900  instead of Rs. 255,900.
  • Honda CB 125F saw an increase of Rs. 15,000, taking the bike’s rate to Rs. 365,900 from 350,900.
  • Honda CB 150F new price is Rs. 458,900 compared to the old rate of Rs. 443,900, meaning it also saw a jump of Rs. 15,000.
  • The last one is CB 150F SE, with a hike of Rs. 15,000. The bike’s new rate has reached Rs. 462,900 compared to the previous price of Rs. 447,900.

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