Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Farmer in Argentina Planted Corn Seed in a Specific Pattern that created a Tribute to Lionel Messi when the Corn Grew

After helping his country win the World Cup of soccer, Lionel Messi has become a national hero in Argentina, receiving honours in the form of murals and tattoos.
Now, his face is visible from above as well, on a cornfield that has been specifically created.

The field in Los Condores, in central Cordoba province, was sown using an algorithm that calculated where seeds would need to be planted so that when the corn grew, it created a huge visual image of Messi’s bearded visage.

“For me, Messi is unbeatable,” said Maximiliano Spinazze, the crop farmer who planted the unusual crop formation as a celebration of the team’s victory, their first World Cup since Diego Maradona led the team in 1986.

“Now they are world champions, and I am delighted this can be expressed by planting the crop.”

While Carlos Faricelli, the farming engineer who designed the coding for the machines sowing the seeds that made Messi’s face appear on the field, explained the procedure, he also explained, “I had the idea to make a code that goes in the seeders with Messi’s face as a tribute.”

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