Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Father Attempted to Rob His Own Son at ATM

An unusual incident occured in Scotland’s Glasgow, a man tried to rob his own son at knifepoint, reported by sources.

In November 2022, a 45 years old man who masked himself attempted to rob a teenager at an ATM.

Teenager used his near by ATM machine to withdraw 10 pounds (Rs 986). As soon as he collected the cash, a masked man in dark clothes snood over his face lurking nearby.

Describing the incident, prosecutor stated, “As he put his card in his pocket and took the cash from the machine, he turned left and felt something against the left side of his face. He was pinned up against the wall by the neck. The boy felt a large kitchen knife pressed against his face.”

The masked man then asked and he handed over him the cash.

However, the teenager immediately identified his father from his voice and was left stunned. He asked his father, ”Are you serious? Do you know who this is?” When the attacker said he didn’t care, the boy pulled down his snood and asked, “What are you doing?”
He replied “I’m sorry, I’m desperate.”

The son informed his family members about the incident before alerting the police. The robber was arrested and later confessed, “I didn’t know it was him at the cash machine. I have done it. I will do the time for it.”

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