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Fatima Fertilizer’s Salam Kissan Initiative Acclaimed at the Asian Experience Awards 2023 in Singapore

‘Salam Kissan’ is a flagship initiative of Fatima Fertilizer that aims to highlight the indispensable role of Pakistani farmers in protecting the economy and our national food security. The most commendable achievement under this initiative was the proposal to celebrate December 18th as the official “Kissan Day” in Pakistan to pay tribute to the courage and resilience of Pakistani farmers.

This proposal was not only applauded but also recognized by the Government of Pakistan and has been celebrated every year since 2019. In recognition of the untiring efforts by the ‘Salam Kissan’ initiative to uplift the social character and motivation of Pakistani farmers, it was recently bestowed with the prestigious “Digital Experience of the Year for Pakistan” award at the 2023 Asian Experience Awards during a special ceremony held in Singapore.

The ‘Salam Kissan’ initiative is firmly rooted in the belief that the nation’s economic growth is closely linked to the progress and prosperity of its dedicated farmers. ‘Salam Kissan’ aspires to elevate the lives of these unsung heroes and harness the power of digital innovation and technology to modernize the agriculture sector. By doing so, it will also equip Pakistan farmers with essential resources, knowledge and assistance so they can not only help to maximize food production but also protect our national food security.

Upon receiving the award, Rabel Sadozai, the Director of Sales and Marketing at Fatima Fertilizer, conveyed her gratitude, stating, “I am deeply humbled and honored to receive this prestigious accolade on behalf of my team, my company Fatima Fertilizer and my country”. She restated the pivotal role farmers play in the nation’s overall prosperity and pledged her dedication and commitment to providing them with an effective platform to engage with the policy-maker corridors.

She also emphasized the unswerving commitment of Fatima Fertilizer to empower farmers, contribute to the national economy’s growth, and address the pressing challenges related to food security. She expressed that this commitment was stronger than ever before. Conclusively, she regarded the award as a testament to their shared vision and relentless dedication to forging a brighter and more sustainable future for Pakistan.

The Salam Kissan initiative is not confined to a single endeavor but encompasses a wide array of programs under its expansive umbrella. These programs are meticulously designed with a singular objective: to uplift both male and female farmers across Pakistan, guiding them on a path toward economic prosperity. Central to this mission is the harnessing of technology-driven transformation within Pakistan’s agriculture sector.

The initiative also plays a pivotal role in assisting farmers by addressing critical aspects of their lives, including financial inclusion, social stability, and the adoption of modern farming techniques. Through multifaceted initiatives such as Sarsabz Tabeer (female farmer training and empowerment program), Sarsabz Pakistan (our agri-app for the farmers of Pakistan), Sarsabz Kahani (the first agriculture-based web-series highlighting the real stories of the farmers in the country), the Salam Kissan mission strives to empower farmers, bridge gaps, and unlock the immense potential of Pakistan’s agricultural landscape for the benefit of all.

The Asian Experience Awards serves as a platform dedicated to highlighting and celebrating the innovative endeavors of companies spanning various industries throughout the Asian region. These awards are not just a means of acknowledging excellence but also act as a wellspring of inspiration and motivation for organizations to consistently improve their customer experience and engagement strategies.

In the current year, companies from numerous countries within the Asia Pacific region participated and received awards in various categories. Notably, Fatima Fertilizer stands as the sole recipient of this award from Pakistan.

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