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FAW V2 2023 Price in Pakistan – Specs, Features, and Colors

Looking for economical and light on pocket cars that are modified and equipped with great features as well, worry no more as FAW V2 2023 is here; FAW is a high selling automobile company that has marked its value across the globe by its innovative and Technologically advanced automobiles, both economical and functionally modified.

The range FAW offers is vast, and one should know what they want before diving into the puddle of cars FAW offers. FAW manufacturers its automobiles with great technology and materials to make the results top-notch and up to the mark leaving behind all the flaws and imperfections.

FAW V2 2023 Overview

Al-Haj FAW MOTORS launched the FAW V2 2023 specially designed and monitored with intelligent and modern techs. It comprises a front-engine wheel drive hatchback. It comes with a BE VCT I variant.



FAW V2 2023 interior comes with silver and light grey, and silver trim pieces. The rear and front seats are fabricated nicely. FAW V2 interior comes with standard power windows, two speakers stereo setup, power steering setup, lock door power, tachometer, and air conditioning setup.

FAW V2 has a friendly and comfortable interior space in the rear and front hatchbacks and is spacious. It is comfortable and covers all the boxes required for a good interior.



FAW V2 2023 1000cc exterior comprises a prolific and extraordinary language of design, especially the hatchback.

  • It comes with trapezium-designed upswept headlights for the front-end house.
  • The FAW logo is present in a grill with quad intake.
  • It has an angular standard dual fog light setup.
  • It comes with trapezium-designed side swept tail lights for the rear end house.
  • Its bumper is large and sticking outward.
  • It has a lovely roof spoiler light.
  • The exterior of FAW V2 2023 1000 cc is nice and elegant compared to Japan-made rivals of the car.

Fuel Mileage

FAW V2 2023 1000 cc mileage is as followed

The first generation of FAW V2 2023 has an average mileage of 10 kilometers per liter that making it estimate range of driving above 333 kilometers with a 37 liters compact hatchback fuel tank.

General Specifications

  • FAW V2 2023 is a 1000 cc car
  • It has a 1.3 liters 16 valves DHOC engine
  • The transmission type is 5-speed manual transmission.

FAW V2 Price In Pakistan

The FAW V2 2023 1000cc is an affordable and friendly car; its price in Pakistan is accessible in the pocket and satisfies its buyers. FAW V2 2023 price in Pakistan is Rs: 1,609,000.


FAW is a reliable and remarkable motor manufacturer when it comes to opting for innovative and affordable 1000 cc cars; V2 2023 interior and exterior comes with some intelligent and compatible features and modifications ideal for long-time usage. FAW V2 2023 mileage is 10km per litre which is friendly and economical for buyers.

We have discussed its price in Pakistan, which is handy and easy on the pocket. One must include FAW V2 2023 car in his wish list before buying a new and reliable vehicle for themselves.

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  1. very good car in aspect of price and quality, far better than cultus and swift.
    but don’t understand the strategy of Al-Haj Group, why they quit manufactured.
    Need to re-think and should be launch next generation with auto variants.

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