Saturday, December 2, 2023

Faysal Bank Offering Exclusive Umrah Packages With Exciting Facilities

Faysal Islami is revolutionizing the way people embark on their sacred journey of Umrah by introducing tailored packages exclusively for Faysal Islami Mubarak Safar Saving account holders. These remarkable packages come with a host of unbeatable facilities designed to make your Umrah experience truly unforgettable.

Exclusive Umrah Packages:

  • Makkah Stay: You’ll find yourself in the heart of the holy city, just approximately 1200 meters from the majestic Holy Mosque, in the Kiswa Tower.
  • Madinah Stay: Experience the tranquility of Madinah, located approximately 400 meters from the Holy Mosque, at Haya/Al Zara.

Package Details: Your Umrah experience is offered in two fantastic options, depending on your preferences and the number of travelers:

  • Double: For a truly immersive journey, this package is priced at just PKR 310,000 per person.
  • Triple: If you’re traveling with family or friends, the triple package offers a remarkable experience at a cost of PKR 275,000 per person.
  • Quad: Ideal for group travel, the quad package is available at just PKR 255,500 per person.

It’s important to note that while these rates are quite attractive, they are subject to change at any time due to various factors or unforeseen circumstances.

Complimentary Features for Faysal Bank Customers: Faysal Bank customers will enjoy a range of exclusive benefits, including a welcome pack, delectable Al Baik meals, the opportunity to upgrade to Luxury Seden for food, and the chance to embark on a Ziyarat (sacred site visit) in Madinah.

Package Inclusions: Faysal Islami has left no stone unturned in ensuring your Umrah journey is as hassle-free as possible. The package includes hotel accommodation, visa assistance, return air tickets, and transportation for Ziarat, allowing you to explore the sacred sites with ease.

This exclusive Umrah package is available from 05th October to 05th December 2023. The last date to apply is 25th November 2023.

Faysal Islami is dedicated to enhancing the Umrah experience for its account holders, making it more accessible and enjoyable. If you hold a Faysal Islami Mubarak Safar Saving account, seize this opportunity to embark on a spiritually enriching journey without any financial worries. Your sacred journey awaits.

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