Thursday, November 30, 2023

FBR Freezes PIA’s Accounts Over Non-Payment of Dues

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is facing difficulties in its operations as the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has frozen its accounts due to unpaid taxes amounting to more than Rs. 2 billion. Despite this setback, the airline has managed to continue its flights.

This is not the first time such action has been taken; last year, 53 of the airline’s accounts were also frozen for similar reasons but were later restored after promising timely payments.

In the midst of these financial challenges, PIA is taking steps to potentially resume its operations in the European Union (EU). The airline has published a tender notice seeking a reputable cargo handling agent for its flights in Paris, suggesting a possible return to the EU market.

The situation poses significant financial and operational obstacles for PIA, prompting the airline to seek solutions at both the domestic and international levels to resolve tax-related issues and resume services smoothly.

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