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Pakistan emerged victorious in the Under-18 Central Volleyball Championship after defeating Iran 3-1 in Tehran. Despite facing an initial setback by losing the first set, the Pakistani team, affectionately known as the Green shirts, showcased resilience and determination, staging an impressive comeback.

Key players such as Muhammad Yahya, Talal Ahmed, and Khizr Hayat played crucial roles in Pakistan’s triumphant journey to the championship. Their stellar performance not only secured the title but also earned Pakistan a coveted spot in the upcoming Asian Under-20 Volleyball Championship, showcasing the team’s potential for future success.

Pakistan’s dominance was further highlighted by individual awards, with Muhammad Yahya receiving recognition as the Most Influential Player and Best Hitter of the tournament. These accolades underscored Pakistan’s overall excellence and superiority in the championship.

While celebrating the victory in the Under-18 category, the Pakistan men’s team faced a setback in the AVC Challenge Cup final against Qatar. Despite their best efforts, Qatar emerged victorious, claiming their first-ever title in the competition. Nonetheless, Pakistan’s performance throughout the tournament demonstrated their skill and competitiveness on the international stage, laying a strong foundation for future endeavors in volleyball.

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