Saturday, April 20, 2024

FBR’s Website HACKED! Cyber Invasion On Largest Data Center Of Pakistan

Hackers broke into Pakistan’s largest data center, run by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), and managed to break Microsoft’s hyper-V software, bringing down all of the tax authority’s official websites.

Since 2 a.m, Saturday morning, there has been a national crisis, and we may not be out of the woods by Sunday evening,” a top official stated.

The technical team is currently moving services, according to the FBR. The completion of this move will increase FBR IT Operations’ overall productivity. According to the statement, this move is required to permit system upgrades to provide the greatest services to our clients.

According to the official, the cyber-attack impacted the data center’s virtual environment.

“This time, the data center’s virtual machines were targeted, and the attackers were able to exploit the weakest link, which was Microsoft Inc.’s hyper-V software,” he said that Pakistan had contacted Microsoft, which is assisting in the recovery.

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