Saturday, July 20, 2024

Feroze Khan Apologises for Leaking Private Information of Fellow Artists

In January, while announcing on social media that he had served defamation notices on his fellow performers, actor Feroze Khan apologised for “unknowingly” disclosing their personal information.

The Habs actor said he’s “deeply sorry” for the inconvenience he caused, the effects of which “just came to him notice,” even though he deleted the post right away after realising his error.

Late on Saturday night, Feroze posted a lengthy apology on his Instagram.

“A legal notice of defamation (written by my old legal team) was posted on my Instagram on January 17, 2023.
I somehow missed the fact that the aforementioned message included the receivers’ phone numbers along with other sensitive information.

I erased the post right after after realising it within minutes.”

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