Tuesday, July 23, 2024

FIFA Uses Arif Lohar’s Song to Wish Messi Happy Birthday in Video Featuring His World Cup Win

FIFA shared a video titled “Messi ka Jadoo (Messi’s magic)” on its official Instagram page to celebrate star player Lionel Messi’s birthday. The video highlighted Messi’s memorable moments, accompanied by a song from Pakistani folk singer Arif Lohar.

This move by FIFA brought Pakistani music into the spotlight within the football community. Lohar’s song “Aa,” released in 2023, had already gained popularity among millions in Pakistan and was now receiving attention internationally.

The Instagram Reel released by FIFA featured Messi’s greatest achievements set to Lohar’s uplifting tune. Pakistani football fans reacted with immense excitement upon watching the video, expressing their joy and enthusiasm across social media platforms.

The use of Lohar’s music by FIFA not only celebrated Messi’s birthday but also showcased the cultural richness and global appeal of Pakistani music to a wider audience.

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