Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Fire Breaks Out in Karachi Express at Sukkur

A fire broke out in a coach of Karachi Express from Karachi to Lahore near Khairpur, killing seven people, including a woman, while the search for four missing children is underway.

The passengers of the fire-affected bogie saved their lives by jumping.

According to DS Railway Mahmood-ur-Rehman Lakho, the affected bogie has been removed from the track and the track going from Karachi to the country has been restored.

Mahmood-ur-Rehman Lakho said that the fire broke out in bogie number 4 of Karachi Express going from Karachi to Lahore.

After the incident, the affected bogie was separated, and the front part of the train was sent to Khairpur while the rear part was sent to Gambat.

Due to the accident, the uptrack was completely suspended and trains from Karachi to Punjab were stopped at the stations before Gambat.

Fire brigade vehicles rushed to the spot and doused the fire in the bogie.

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