Sunday, July 14, 2024

First Christian Commando Promoted to Major Genral’s Rank in Pakistan Army

Julian Moazzam James has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first Christian commando from Pakistan’s Special Services Group (SSG) to be promoted to the rank of Major General. This achievement was celebrated by Bishop Azad Marshall, marking a proud moment for Pakistan’s Christian community.

James, who led a military delegation to India in 2023, follows in the footsteps of Julian Peter and Noel Israel Khokhar as the third Christian to attain this high rank within the Pakistan Army.

In a separate accomplishment, Dr. Helen Mary Roberts made history by becoming the first Pakistani Christian woman to achieve the rank of brigadier in 2024. Her achievement adds to a growing list of notable Christians who have served with distinction in the Pakistan Armed Forces.

These milestones underscore the increasing diversity within Pakistan’s military leadership and highlight the contributions of Christian individuals to the nation’s defense forces.

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